My name is Ted Berg. I have lived in Minnesota all my life, mostly in the Twin Cities Metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. I am married with two wonderful children who routinely drive me crazy.

I work for the Government. Relax. We’re here to help.

I have a lot of opinions. I will express them here, so if you’re reading this I’d like you to understand some things about me and this site:

– Nothing that I say here is anyone’s opinion or position other than my own. I do not represent my employer, my congregation, my carpool, my school, my wife, my kindergarten alumni association or anyone else unless I specifically say so in a post or other document. I’m the one responsible for my own work. I’m not responsible for the work of others that I reference or point to. I don’t necessarily agree with them, either, but I do value other opinions and perspectives.

– I am generally socially and politically conservative. That does not mean that I always vote Republican or that I own lots of guns. (Well, actually I guess that depends on your definition of “lots”.) I believe very strongly that everyone has a right to speak their mind and make their point – right up until they can’t back that point up and begin to shout opponents down. If you don’t agree with me on an issue, that doesn’t mean you are wrong. It just means I’m right. Because I said so.

– Someday I may actually use this forum for a purpose other than having fun and talking about things I think are interesting. Because I try and plan for the future, I will do my best not to do anything so dumb on this site that it may get me profiled on some tv show about how I used to think something that was weird and “here’s where he published it on his blog” is a part of the story.

– Also, please remember that this site is about me. It’s my name at the top of the page, no one else’s. If you feel slighted that I don’t mention you and you think I should, I apologize in advance. Also, feel free to get your own website and complain about me. That will make you feel better. I promise.

With that in mind, enjoy. Please feel free to post comments. I do moderate the comments, so if I don’t let your’s through I’ll try and let you know why.

ted -at- tedberg -dot- net

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