new ways to watch too much tv

I love my TiVo. The convenience of being able to watch what I want, when I want, how I want is really incredible. And for someone who has surely helped to increase the average number of American viewing hours, that really means something.

I have always watched a lot of television. Most of it was garbage. I didn’t really care, a typical show wasn’t so bad that I wanted to vomit and it would still keep boredom away on a rainy day, so who was I to complain. And commercials are entertaining, too. Right?

So now I have a list of shows that I know I like just waiting for me whenever I have the inclination to watch them. I can skip through the commercials if I want and come back to a show where I left off if I need to replenish the snack/beverage supply. But recently TiVo added some functionality that is probably going to turn me into a mushy an even mushier couch potato.

Having the TiVo connected to the interweb now means I can rent or buy TV shows and movies from Amazon. I’ve already watched a couple of movies I was waiting to get through Netflix. They occasionally run specials to rent movies for $0.99 and that’s about the only right price for me to get the Amazon stuff, but there’s also a bunch of free content.

Some of the free stuff is stuff I already watch, like I’m just starting to really look at all the things that are out there, so I’m sure I’ll have even less time to actually accomplish anything worthwhile.

I’ve got to go get some more chips…