back in the computer saddle

So I’ve been off this forum for quite a long time. I’ve moved, gotten a new job (which I love!) and actually finished that degree I was talking about.
But one thing I have really had a chance to dig into lately is my tinkering with computers hobby.
I’ve gone through two more iterations of the “green machine” and it’s currently running Debian with no gui (so’s I can get my learn on in the command line) and I had the chance to refurbish a computer for my daughter, painting it her favorite colors and putting Edubuntu on it.
Not much else for now, just wanted to get something posted so I can start making this a habit again.

(I’m actually posting this using links. If it looks funny, I haven’t yet mastered the console browser environment. More stuff to learn. Sweet!!)

3 thoughts on “back in the computer saddle”

  1. Hey Ted
    Glad to hear you finished your degree, congrats. Sounds like things are going well for you up there. Hope the family is doing well. Drop me an email sometime. I dont have a current email address for you.


  2. Ted,
    Congrats on the degree. hope you are having lots of fun up there. My brother Jd and my sister cassie ingham say you were a great explorer advisor. Too bad you are not down here to help us. We are a little stressed from the changes in advisors. THANKS!!! LOL jk. Hope you have fun and congrats again.

    Chelsea Ingham

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