built Ford tough

I’m selling my truck. I like my truck. I like hauling stuff in it, both for work and at home. It’s been great the year and a half that I’ve owned it, no problems and needing nothing more than routine oil changes.

I never saw myself as driving a truck until we bought our house. After a short period of time, it became obvious that we would need something larger than our two economy sedans in order to carry out the needed maintenance and improvements in the house. We came across a good deal on the truck simply by driving around a lot. We initially wanted to get something smaller, but this one turned out great.

However, my wife has pointed out that the truck has slowly become less practical than it originally was. We are beginning to have less need to haul stuff, and more need to haul people and stuff together. So in order to meet this need, my wife has we have decided to sell or trade-in the truck on a minivan. Yes, a minivan.

Now I can comment on how I never pictured myself driving a minivan. Maybe later.

If you are interested in the truck, you can check it out here.