And now for something completely different

I’m doing some experimenting with WordPress. This is an open source blogging tool with some nice features. It’s a lot more flexible than Blogger, but does require more work. So, I’m kind of starting this whole thing over fresh.

If you’re here looking for our family blog, you can get to that by clicking here.

One thought on “And now for something completely different”

  1. Hi, I liked the pics of course. I’m just hearing of this site from Jessie. So, checking it out tonight. Grandpa is fishing….and we’re working on getting the Ogilvie house project moving. 🙂
    Your little sister has put an offer in on a house in Pierre SD. Brian has a job there starting on June 9th. Its trauma!!
    I hope you all are well and healthy. Is Sue ok with the pregnancy? What is the due date for the next “Berg” baby???
    Love you all.

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